WebARX waf Firewall Protection

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Cybercrime is doubling year-on-year, cyber-crime is continuing to grow at alarming rates, and this trend will continue. Do you know that over 30,000 WordPress websites hacked every day, and recently hackers launched attacks from 24,000 unique IP addresses and tried to break into over 900,000 WordPress sites? Every website owner should be knowledgeable by the […]

Domain Name & Registrar Tips

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Domain names are very important for businesses, blogs or for any website. It should align with the goal of your website or something you find that’s fit for a purpose. If you are starting a new business or looking to create a personal website. Then you need to think of the relevant domain name to […]

Need New Fresh Website Images

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Excellent, you’ve just created new or updated your website. Now you need new images for your website, requiring no technical skills, no design skills, and no or minimal cost, would you do it? The one thing you can change that will instantly make your website standout, providing a fresh new look, is new images! “Requires […]

Beefing Up WordPress Password & Username Security

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If you’re planning your first WordPress website or already have one. To put it bluntly: your site could be under attack as your reading, from hackers who are looking to break into your WordPress site. That’s a fact. If you’re thinking your site is too small or new to earn the attention from hackers, think […]