DNS Domain Name Registrar Tips

Domain names are very important for businesses, blogs or for any website. It should align with the goal of your website or something you find that’s fit for a purpose. If you are starting a new business or looking to create a personal website. Then you need to think of the relevant domain name to match your brand.

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain Name Server (DNS) is a website’s address and known as web properties. So, if you cannot choose any address for your own property, how can you choose anything you like for your website. Thus, a short and memorable domain is all it takes to make a business successful or unsuccessful.

The domain name helps in building the brand. If your website domain name is the same as your business name. Your customers will easily remember your branding and return to your website. Your website discovered easily by entering your business domain name in the browser search bar.

“A domain name is a website’s address and known as web properties.”

Blue Elephants tips for finding your perfect domain name

You’ve decided on a new website, but before starting the design. First, we need to make some important decisions, what name, will you give your website? Your chosen domain name will reflect your business or personality.

Anyone can remember a good domain name that’s easy to pronounce. Brand-able domain names, help visitors to identify your branding, connecting to your idea.

  • Easy to type: Finding a domain name that’s easy to type is critical to online success.
  • Short and Memorable: If your domain name is too long and complex. You risk customers mis-typing or misspelling it. Short and simple is the best way to go, so having a domain that’s catchy and memorable is essential.
  • Target your local area: If your business is local. Consider including your city or region in your domain name. This makes it easy for local customers to find and remember you.
  • Avoid numbers: We often misunderstand numbers. People who hear the name of your website address, they don’t know if you’re using a numeral (8) or it’s spelled out (eight). Or even sounds like the word (eat), or they misplace or forget the dash.

9 tips for finding the right domain registrar supplier

Recommended Domain DNS Registrar suppliers

Blue Elephant recommends Namecheap, the registrar company I used for the blueelephant.blue Domain Name Server (DNS) registrar. Thus, no problem recommending them to you. They are plenty of Top Level Domain (TLD) registrar suppliers out there, examples; GoDaddy, Register.com, HostGator, Hover,… Although I have not used GoDaddy, but several of my clients use GoDaddy, why I can vouch for them. GoDaddy’s TLD registrar is good and easy-to-use. The negative sides of GoDaddy, they will bombard you with up-sell tactics and pop-up specials with the dashboard. Why Blue Elephant recommends Namecheap.com? Because of their large database of Top Level Domain (TLD) extension names, discover their latest Top-Level Domains with over 400 of them, you can register the freshest TLDs in the world. Everything you need to bring your greatest ideas to life! If you can’t find it at Namecheap.com, doubt it’s anywhere else! Namecheap’s, client dashboard layout is straightforward, allowing easy navigation thru-out the site. Edit your products, making the changes if required. And they include WHO-is-Guard privacy protection, best of all they give it free for life. They also offer other services including web-hosting, email, plus many more services. Namecheap domain registration procedure is straightforward. Search through the domains until you find one you like (if available). Then click the (+) button next to it, and drops into your cart, which shows up on the right-hand side. And check out when you’re ready to complete the transaction; The check-out process quick and easy.



The Namecheap links are affiliate links, my main interest analytic and statistical data, of course it will also help buy me a cup of coffee!

Hosting and Free Domain Package deals

You’ve seen the advert million times, offering free domains with your hosting package. As you know several hosting companies famous for it…

The hosting package deal might sound great or an amazing bargain! But the experience with your web hosting can be different. First off, hosting isn’t a regulated market, so your hosting package may vary. And if you ever want to move to another host. It would have been much easier if you’ve, originally bought your domain name and hosting independently.

Having full domain ownership. If you ever want to move hosting, all you need to do is edit the domain’s name-server settings and you’re done. (Your original domain name registrar will inform you how to complete the change). Another key point to remember your domain will always stay registered with Namecheap or your chosen TLD supplier. No need to transfer it to another web hosting company. Keep it independent! Keep Control!

This is the most crucial piece. Even if you lose control of your WordPress site and hosting, if you own the domain. You can easily point it at alternative web-host and be back online.

Never let any web-designer register the domain on your behalf.

If you let your web designer own your accounts, you’re at their mercy. They can charge exorbitant fees to make simple changes. Or the business relationship may end for many reasons; many of them out of your control. The relationship may go sour, they might quit the project, or disappear into thin air or even abducted by aliens, etc…

When you need to make a change and need access. You’ll depend on your web designer responding quickly and being willing to make the changes. You can’t count on both at all times. When you own your accounts, you need not worry about it.

The best approach, and the one Blue Elephant strongly advises, is for you to open your own accounts in your own name. Then, you can give the web designer access when necessary. If the relationship ends for any reason, you’re free to find a new web designer and give them access. Your domain is key to your website! You wouldn’t give anyone keys to your house! The same principle applies to domain registration.


Domain names operate in a regulated market with oversight by an organization called “Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers” (ICANN). ICANN monitors the market and regulates domain registrars to a certain extent.

Other Accounts

You can see, the pattern by now. Apply the same rules to other accounts, such as email marketing and social media accounts.

Are You in Control?

It’s time for an inventory check of your accounts. Do you possess the access rights you should have? If not, sort it out while there’s still time.

Your Domain is the key to your website! You wouldn’t give anyone keys to your house! The same principle applies to domain registration.”

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