Maintenance Care-Plan

Blue Elephant takes care of all your maintenance needs, so that everything is UpToDate keeping It Up and running efficiently

Maintenance Care-Plan

Blue Elephant works for you, your website never truly done. It needs looked after, just like a car. If you stop regular servicing, it will breakdown. The same is true for your website, it needs updating and security scanning checking for viruses, and stop hackers getting into your website! Ensuring your website always online for your customers within a safe environment.

Why Choose Blue Elephant?

Fact, WordPress powers over 33% of all websites worldwide, and this creates a security problem. With so many developers making great themes, plugins and extensions for WordPress. The possibilities for unique, fast-loading websites that include any functional needs are endless. Yet, it comes with a price, and that’s the tendency for hackers and nefarious online “bots” to target WordPress. Plus, its various login pages, themes and plugins.

One of the most damaging WordPress security myths, that the WordPress CMS platform itself is insecure. This is not true, WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. WordPress didn’t get this way by not taking security seriously.

The biggest threat to WordPress security vulnerability is its users, we can avoid most WordPress hacks on the platform with regular maintenance. One of the main reasons for successful WordPress hacks is outdated software. This makes WordPress ripe for attack. Patch releases for a security vulnerability, keep things updated.

Each year, the most commonly infected CMS platforms are WordPress, Joomla and Magento. Reported by the Sucuri hacked report. WordPress takes the lion’s share of over 70% of all hacked CMS platforms. Regular maintenance, it can prevent this. Blue Elephant offers an affordable maintenance care-plan.

Six reasons to choose Blue Elephant. As your preferred maintenance service provider:

blue elephant wordpress website maintenance peace mind software security update

Peace of Mind

You’re free to focus on your own personal agenda or even growing your business. Let me handle your site, dedicated support for your WordPress website. Offering you the peace of mind that your WordPress software, plugins and security is up to date.

offsite backups

Let’s say disaster strikes! The most catastrophic event affecting your website and hosting backup server. Blue Elephant know that’s not enough. We’ve got you covered if your site goes down, we have your site backup on our remote server.

Blue Elephants offsite backup is your best bet in keeping your site safe. Always ready to recover from that potential disaster with a backup!

Backup frequency set depending on website requirements and needs!

blue elephant wordpress website maintenance cloud backup restore
blue elephant wordpress website database maintenance


Regular core software and plugin updates. Keeping WordPress up-to-date latest versions is essential for the safety of your website and online presence. When a premium plugin or theme’s license expired, I will contact you.

WordPress stores data in your database. This contains all your content, comments, users, and settings. But, overtime your database may gather a lot of unnecessary data. Blue Elephant optimizes your WordPress database by cleaning up clutter, by defragmenting tables, and improving database performance.

Keeping you secure

It’s known that most hacked websites are using outdated software with known security holes. Blue Elephant will keep this from happening by regularly scanning for malware. With, Blue Elephant protection and security suite keeping out the bad guys! Things like 404 detection, brute force protection, strong password enforcement, etc.

If your website is critical to your business, you can’t afford the downtime, reputation challenges or SEO impact of getting hacked.

blue elephant wordpress website maintenance security
blue elephant wordpress website maintenance uptime monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

First impressions count, a first-time customer visiting your website will be unlikely to return if they find that your site is not available. Uptime monitoring will help minimize site downtime and potentially any lost business.

Blue Elephants uptime monitoring solution, keeps this vulnerable downtime to a minimum. Notifying you via email if the monitor detects that your website is offline. So you can begin resolving the problem by investigating any recent site changes. Or contacting your host provider, (if not hosted with Blue Elephant).

Monthly Report

Every month, you’ll receive a detailed health report about your website via email. It outlines all major activity and issues over the previous month. A historical service checklist (including all past events) makes sure it’s secure, running efficiently, and up-to-date. This includes information about software updates, performance optimization, security scans, uptime monitoring and backups.

blue elephant wordpress website maintenance report

Advanced Security Maintenance Add-on

Given the ever-changing nature of the cyber-crime threat landscape, keeping on top and aware of Malware trends is critical. How do you protect yourself from emerging threats when you don’t know they exist? Malware threats are still a major problem worldwide, the nature of malware is forever changing and evolving, with business-disrupting ransomware attacks up nearly doubled year on year.

Blue Elephant is pleased to offer WebARX protection, one of industries leading and advance security as an add-on to our Maintenance care-plan WebARX Web Application Firewall (WAF).

WebARX Software is a platform optimizes WordPress website security preventing attacks before then happen. If you run a WordPress website or an online store, there’s a possibility you might already be hacked, but you won’t know until it’s too late. Prevent malware infections and block fake traffic with WebARX firewall engine, protect your WordPress website from vulnerabilities today with WebARX.

Key reasons to why you should choose WebARX advanced security add-on:

Blue Elephant Firewall

WebARX Firewall

WebARX is an advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) which is automatically updated to prevent plugin and theme vulnerabilities, blocking malicious bots and hacking attempts and preventing malware infections. WebARX will protect your website from software vulnerabilities and separates true visitors from fake traffic.

24/H Monitoring

Constant security vulnerability scans and monitoring will give you in-depth understanding about the state of your websites. From Plugin vulnerability, SSL/TLS certificate, Blacklist and Domain expiration monitoring.

Blue Elephant security monitor
Blue Elephant security hardening

Complete WordPress Hardening

Blue Elephant will implemented modern security practices such as security headers, Login protection, 2FA, ReCaptcha, protect your website from brute-force attacks and much more…

Security Reports

In-addition to your Monthly maintenance report you will receive detailed WebARX security report.

blue elephant wordpress website maintenance report